I love to be alone in bed. My bed is so comfy and my room is so dark. My blankets are very soft and make me hot when the air is cold i love it

My SO went to Ottawa last Monday. At first i thought he said ten days but then he said a week. Then it was returning friday but the job is not done. Last night he asked me if i miss him and i said yes. I lied.



Things have actually not been getting better.
M almost made me crash my car on the way home. I wanted to drop him off on the side of the road cause he was fighting with me. He didnt want me to pull off the highway so he jerked my wheel away from the exit. I did a 180 and came thisclose to hitting the guardrail. My car turned off. We were lucky there was no traffic. I bought cigarettes but could only smoke half of one. I'd been meaning to start up. I dont like cigarettes.



I signed in to fb today and this was on my "memories"

It made me laugh because last night I changed my cover photo to this

I saved a lot of pictures of burning bridges last night.

We still live together, but i broke up with him and there is no going back. He fooled me. I see now that he is not what I believed him to be. And I am/was not to him anywhere near what I should have been or thought I was. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

But no more. It gets better now.
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the escarpment

drove to the mountain brow to walk my dog. its hard to see because it was cloudy - the lake in the distance is lake ontario. the other picture where the lake isn't in view, is pointing towards niagara falls. the street lights run on solar panels! i took these pictures at about 8pm. this is my favourite kind of weather



I am blonde now.  Too many grey hairs makes my roots look bad, so the good thing about going grey is going blonde easier.  I have been doing it myself, and now that I know about toning, it actually looks good.   lots of compliments :)

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